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Images of Speed Racer Tear Circle Magnet
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The Speed Racer Tear Round Magnet is a Round Magnet featuring an image of Speed Racer Standing in front of the Mach 5, another, slightly faded image of Speed Racer waving, and what appears to be a tear in the Space/Time continuum showing Speed in the negative, driving for his very life. Or maybe it's Speed Racer from the Anti-Matter Universe, purposely careening towards an elderly passerby, finally able to try out the "Red Dial" that activates an assortment of jagged, flesh peeling, geriatric mincing weaponry. "Oooooh, 10 points for one with a walker," shouts Speed. Anyhoooo.....The Speed Racer Tear Round Magnet measures 3" in diameter, ready to cling to any magnetic surface (NOT a walker).

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