Spider-Gwen Gwenom Funko Pop Bobble Head

$9.99 Reg.$12.99

Spider-Gwen Gwenom Funko Pop Bobble Head

Spider-Gwen Gwenom Funko Pop Bobble Head

$9.99 Reg.$12.99

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When you mix lizard serum, radioactive spider-isotopes, and a desperate, powerless Spider-Gwen, you get Gwenom.

The Adventures of Spider-Gwen Recap:-- "Venomized."

So, Gwen Stacy lost her powers and had to deal with Harry Osborn -- on Earth-65, Harry drank lizard serum and became, well, a human lizard.

To cure Harry, she mixed his blood with the radioactive spider-isotopes that previously granted her amazing spider-powers.

What happened when the spider-isotopes combined with Harry's lizard-serum-infused blood? A parasitic mass that instantly possessed Harry, and eventually, Gwen Stacy.

That's right -- consider Gwen "venomized."

Measuring 4" high and based on the Marvel Comics series, our Spider-Gwen Gwenom Funko Pop Bobble Head is a collectible, soft-vinyl reproduction of a symbiote-bonded Spider-Gwen.

And yes, this collectible bobblehead Gwenom figure -- put through the FUNKO figure filter-- features dependable Venom attributes like arbitrarily protruding teeth and terrifyingly long tongues.

And, due to the popularity of Spider Gwen, Gwenpool and Gwenom, Marvel will be introducing the following Gwen-themed characters to inhabit a fully realized "Gweniverse":

Gwaptain America! Gwiron Man! The Gwack Panther! Gwalactus!

Oh, and Gwoot (which is an actual character and not at all made up).


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