Spiderman Head Belt Buckle
Spiderman Head Belt Buckle- Back View
Spiderman Head Belt BuckleSpiderman Head Belt Buckle- Back View

Spiderman Head Belt Buckle

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Spider Man sometimes has a crisis of identity. Is he primarily Spider Man or Peter Parker? Does he save that kitten from the Green Goblin or does he go to class? Does he go get a burger with Mary Jane, or does he go smack Kraven the Hunter around? Does he enjoy the Venom suit, or doing the Emo thing in Spider Man 3? Wait...how does that work out? Ah, nevermind. That scene has been burned into my memory for all times. Maybe this great metal 3.5 inch high by 3 inch wide Spiderman Head Belt Buckle will help things make sense. This great belt buckle is for...um...belts and shows off the trademark Spider Man mask on a slightly molded shape! This belt buckle isn't flat, but rounded for that distinct look. Get the Spiderman Head Belt Buckle and try to figure out your priorities.

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  • Sku: bucklespdrhead
  • Color: Red
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Spiderman Head Belt Buckle

submitted 6 years ago

Got to my house very quick. My fiancé is a huge spiderman fan and loves this buckle so much.