Spiderman Comic Web Belt
Spiderman Comic Web Belt- Long View
Spiderman Comic Web BeltSpiderman Comic Web Belt- Long View

Spiderman Comic Web Belt

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The Spiderman Comic Web Belt stretches 48 inches and is one-size-fits-most! Just like the hero this web belt is designed after, the Spiderman Comic Web Belt is adaptable. Spider Man does a lot of quipping and joking around with his foes so he needs to be on point all of the time. Imagine if he was messing around with the Rhino and he tripped over his own pants! It would be TERRIBLE! Wait, does Spider Man wear pants or is that a jumpsuit? I suppose it doesn't matter because this fine Spiderman Comic Web Belt is for you - not Spiderman! Though both you and Spiderman will find the vintage comic frames on the belt and the "Amazing Spiderman" buckle to be quite to your liking. Spiderman just enjoys it more because it isn't more slander from J.J.!

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submitted 5 years ago

It was a great birthday gift for my best friend who is a HUGE Spider-Man fan haha