Spiderman Spidey Head Boxers
Spiderman Spidey Head Boxers - Front View
Spiderman Spidey Head Boxers - Back View
Spiderman Spidey Head Boxers - Close Up
Spiderman Spidey Head BoxersSpiderman Spidey Head Boxers - Front ViewSpiderman Spidey Head Boxers - Back ViewSpiderman Spidey Head Boxers - Close Up

Spiderman Spidey Head Boxers

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Spiderman Spidey Head Boxers features Marvel's number one wall crawler, Squirrel Girl! Wait, no, nevermind. The 100% cotton Spiderman Spidey Head Boxers are about their errant webhead, the Spider Man! I tend to believe J.J. when it comes to the spider menance...that guy just causes so much trouble! I heard he even killed that Gwen Stacy with his web shooters. He's an arachnid based terrorist from what I read. Still, that won't stop me from getting the soft Spiderman Spidey Head Boxers. I secretly love Spider Man, but nobody must know. Nobody!

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Reviews of Spiderman Spidey Head Boxers

Chicago, IL
submitted 5 years ago

Bought these for my boyfriend who is obsessed with Spider-Man and he absolutely loved them. Great quality and graphic design and they are very soft and for a pretty decent price, you can't beat it. Looked all over department stores for Spider-Man boxers and couldn't find any so I definitely recommend buying these for any Spider-Man lover.

OB Florida
submitted 5 years ago

product as advertised and sent with quick service

VIC, Australia
submitted 5 years ago

He loved the fabric and the print. I think he believes they are the most comfortable pair of boxers he owns because he hasn't stopped wearing them. Luckily I bought 2. =)

Brooklyn, NY
submitted 5 years ago

My spider senses are tingling wink wink

Dallas, TX
submitted 5 years ago

Super comfortable and fun to wear.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood S-man
Melbourne, Australia
submitted 6 years ago

Great PJ shorts, full cotton so they breathe nicely and the graphics aren't iron on so they last in the wash!!