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HeroBox Spider-Man: Box of Spiders

Arachnid Edition
Radioactive Arachnid Edition
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June 27th

Spider-Man: Box of Spiders HeroBox®

With Spider-Man: Homecoming hitting theaters this July it only seems appropriate that our newest box pay homage to the AMAZING, the SPECTACULAR, the REBOOTABLE Spider-Man!

The box is overflowing with mystery items featuring Peter Parker's webbed-exploits from the past 55 years! Watch out...we're filling the box with Spiders that may or may not be radioactive!

The box is limited to 300 and is broken down into two editions depending on your level of needed awesomeness. The Radioactive Arachnid Edition Edition is priced at $69 has a value over $100, while the Arachnid Edition is priced at $49 and has a value of $70. Below is a breakdown of what’s in each edition.

Every Box Includes...

  • REVEALED: Spider-Man Costume Hoodie Value $49.99
  • A Spider-Man t-shirt
  • Radioactive goodies from the Spidey-Verse
  • Spiders (maybe even a radioactive one!)
  • Web crawling apparel like socks and underwear
  • Friendly neighborhood accessories like buttons, keychains, magnets, and wallets.
$69 ($100 retail value)
Includes everything from the list above PLUS an additional $30 worth of gear featuring Spider-Man and his many costumes!
$49 ($70 retail value)
Includes all the SPECTACULAR gear from from the list above.
Why Do We Love That Spidey Guy?

Because even when we hate him, we love him. Yes, there’s an awful lot of whining going on and some genuine self-loathing, but we all tend to experience these feelings. Maybe not as often, and perhaps with less potency, but we all end up populating the “downtrodden” column an average of 40 hours per week.

But Spider-Man’s concerns aren’t trivial. He’s got animal-themed detractors looking to beat him into pulpy Spider-sauce and rend his loved ones asunder.

There’s a lot of emotional weight on the shoulders of good ‘ol Peter Parker, but through the lethal threats and the loud cigar chomping of his least-favorite contractor, the “everyday man” with super-powers manages to tread water during an incessant emotional deluge.

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