Spiderman Power Square Lunchbox

Images of Spiderman Power Square Lunchbox
Spiderman Power Square Lunchbox Spiderman Power Square Lunchbox
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Measuring 7.75" long, 2.75" wide and 6" high, this tin, square lunchbox features a raised image of Spiderman swinging in front of some less pronounced images of ....Hobgoblin and ...Killer Shrike?  Killer Shrike?  What the fu..!?  This Spiderman lunchbox is also adorned with the words, "With great Power Come Great....blah blah."  Yes, we ALL know the words Spiderman lives by because he was selfish for like, 15 seconds.  The fact that he makes us put it on his lunchbox is a little.....self deprecating.

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  • - Rating: 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
  • - Licensor: Marvel
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New York, NY
3.0Too Small!!!09/27/2012

My son was happy toreceieve the lunch box for the first day of school - but unfortunately the lunch box is too small. We had to buy a bigger lunch box to fit his lunch.

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