Spiderman Slinging Time Red Domed Lunchbox

Images of Spiderman Slinging Time Red Domed Lunchbox
Spiderman Slinging Time Red Domed Lunchbox Spiderman Slinging Time Red Domed Lunchbox
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Measuring 7.25" across, 5.25" high and 3.75" wide, this tin, red, domed lunchbox features an image of Spiderman swinging in front of his city and...a superimposed, giant Spiderman head.  Hmmm. Wonder if that represents Spiderman's conscience or something.  And that red splatter effect....  Just what the hell is going on there?  Is that coming from...the city!!??  Spiderman's conscience!!?  Is it...blood?  Spooky stuff, my friends.   Oh, and there's a recurring image on each side with Spiderman in mid-leap..... and the fact that it's "Web Slinging Time" denoted under said image.

This red, tin, domed lunchbox featuring Spiderman is perfect for collecting, displaying and, quite possibly...useful for transporting....snacks?  Bird seed?  All kinds of things, really.

More Details:

  • - Rating: 1.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • - Color: Red
  • - Licensor: Marvel
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1.0Broken 1st Day09/26/2012

It was super cute but the handle broke the first day he used it. I was bummed.

Sparks, Nevada
2.0Spiderman domed lunchbox07/10/2012

This should not be under the category of lunchbox. It is really small and I don't know how I am going to pack my son's lunch in it. For the price I was expecting something bigger. Of course my son loves it, but it's just not practical as a lunchbox.

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