Spiderman Eyes Ceramic Mug
Spiderman Eyes Ceramic Mug- Other Side
Spiderman Eyes Ceramic MugSpiderman Eyes Ceramic Mug- Other Side

Spiderman Eyes Ceramic Mug

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So you're sitting there at your office in the Daily Bugle and lo and behold, they ran out of paper coffee cups! Well, perhaps that was a passive attempt at going green but needless to say, you needed something to place the delicious coffee! Hmm, what would Peter Parker do? He'd reach for this Spiderman Eyes Ceramic Mug! Peter, after all, 'knows' Spider Man from what I've been told. They always seem to be close to each other, but I've never seen them shake hands! How odd. Maybe Spider Man is against public displays of affection? Oh well. At least this Spiderman Eyes Ceramic Mug bares the image of his mask, which is a great theft deterrent. Nobody wants to get beat up by Tobey Maguire anyways.

NOT DISHWASHER SAFE: These mugs are works of art. Though durable for normal use, they cannot stand up to the ridiculously high temperatures and harsh detergents in your dishwasher. Your dishwasher will fade and tarnish these highly sought after images, ruining your mug! Instead, HAND WASH these comic, ceramic artifacts with some soap and common sense, i.e., don't take a friggin' scouring brush to the paint.

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Reviews of Spiderman Eyes Ceramic Mug

submitted 4 years ago

love it, i used it multiple times a day, a solid mug and looks great in the house.

submitted 6 years ago

I'm the most awesome guy in the house now with this as my morning coffe mug. Great and awesome!