Spiderman Plastic Travel Mug

Spiderman Plastic Travel Mug with Handle

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Measuring 7" high, this plastic travel mug features an image of Spiderman clinging to a web, looking at you through his mask and thinking, "I wonder how much I can get for my Donnie Osmond records?"  Ok, he's not thinking that.  This Spiderman travel mug also features a sliding spout cover so even YOU won't spill that boiling mud you call...coffee!

**Hand Wash recommended. Use with extreme care when filling with hot liquids!!**

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  • Sku: mugspidtravelplast
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Spiderman Plastic Travel Mug with Handle

submitted 5 years ago

Bought for part of a birthday gift and it was exactly what she wanted. Was shipped out fast and in time for her Birthday and my daughter is an avid fan of Spiderman so the coffee travel mug was exactly what she was looking for.

submitted 5 years ago

Loved the look of the mug, the lid stayed in place nicely, but you couldn't see the actual design of the mug as the plastic on the inside of the mug would become foggy and wet with condensation or whatever its called, Everytime! And after a couple uses it never went away.