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Spiderman Dog Collar/Leash ComboSpiderman Dog Collar/Leash Combo - CollarSpiderman Dog Collar/Leash Combo - Collar BuckleSpiderman Dog Collar/Leash Combo - Collar DetailSpiderman Dog Collar/Leash Combo - Leash
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The Spiderman Dog Collar/Leash Combo showcases everyone's favorite wallcrawler, in a cool, classic brown leash and collar set. The collar features a nifty array of medallions, including a classic comics POW! symbol, a Marvel 12 Cent logo, and an image of the web-slinger himself, Spiderman, with his Spider Sense tingling as though someone at the dog park is about to get their frisbee stuck in a tree, or neglect cleaning up after their puppy! It's not all bank robbers, or the Scorpion, or Aunt May having a crisis, you know! Especially when it comes to our Spiderman Dog Collar/Leash Combo. Because if Spidey's advance warning system can't be somehow related to pets, they wouldn't have put the image on the collar in the first place!

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  • Rating: 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
  • Color: Brown
  • Licensor: Marvel
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Salem, MA
5.0Fun item for a dog lover and comics lover10/13/2013

Sturdy collar and leash, perfectly functional, fits comfortably on my (10-pound-ish) dog. I will say the product could use an accurate sizing chart. I had to eyeball it and ended up guessing too small, but Supherostuff made exchanging for the next size up REALLY easy, so no complaints there. Actually the exchange process was probably the best experience I've had with buying anything online. I had previously bought the "seatbelt buckle" style collar as well, and if you're debating between the two for a smaller dog, I definitely recommend this over the other style of dog collar--the seatbelt ones available on this site are actually REALLY cool, but this style just seems to fit more comfortable and isn't nearly as heavy. (The leashes that match up with those seatbelt collars are fantastic, though, and worth every penny as well).

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.