Spiderman Black Super Deformed Plush Toy

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Measuring 8" high, this soft plush figure is rendered in the deformed shape and exaggerated form of Spiderman clothed in his super-slick Black costume!  This is the costume that.....may or may not have tried to eat Aunt May.  Possibly.  You see, originally, the black costume was alive and granted Peter Parker additional abilities beyond his already extraordinary spider-powers.  'Course, then it started demanding a little something in return.  Like.....Peter's kidneys, I think.  Anyway, the living costume was...uh....removed, but Peter could still appreciate the aesthetics, weaving his own version of the 'ole black and white. It's neat, right?  Right?  I mean, one tends to see more Black spiders than, say....red and blue ones?

More Details:

  • - Color: Black
  • - Licensor: Marvel
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