Venom Zip-Up Costume Hoodie w/Eyes

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Made from 60% Cotton and 40% Cotton, this black, zip-up hoodie simulates the appearance of Venom with screen printed iterations of the Venom symbol adorning both the front and back of the hoodie and...the reason you're all here:  a hood adorned with screen-printed eyes! AAAHH!  Okay, a little bit about Venom: he's like, the anti-Spiderman. Yup. Oh, and it's a very angry, alien symbiote that does not, in any way, appreciate rejection. Yup. Anyway, did I mention the screen-printed eyes? No, you can't see through them and yes, they're on each side of the hood, but......they do look cool as cool can be, right? Am I right? Am I...wait. Venom's sucking on my liver, let me...uh...I gotta' go now.

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  • Color:Black
  • Sleeve Type:Long sleeve/Raglan
  • Licensor:Marvel
  • Style Attributes:Symbol, Costume
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Lindsey, computer nerd
on, canada

This hoodie is warm and cool looking. love it!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.