Spiderman "I'm Kinda Amazing" 30 Single T-Shirt

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Made from 100% Cotton, this soft, red t-shirt features a classic, purposely distressed image of Spiderman swinging above the denoted proclamation stating that he's....somewhat extraordinary. Okay, it says, "I'm Kinda Amazing." But I haveta tell ya'...this is so NOT Spiderman. Really, the guy craps on himself on a regular basis. You ever wonder why you felt a drop of rain on an obviously sunny day? That's Spiderman, crying like a girl-scout on fire while he swings over your neighborhood. Ugh. Oh, I guess you could say the proclamation refers to the actual T-shirt wearer. Yeah, that would make more sense. Anyway, cool t-shirt produced with a higher, 30 Single thread count, making it softer than the average tee!

More Details:

  • Color:Red
  • Sleeve Type:Short sleeve
  • Licensor:Marvel
  • Style Attributes:Distressed, 30Single, Retro, Image
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