Spiderman Tie Dye Costume T-Shirt

$18.99 Reg.$27.99
Spiderman Tie Dye Costume T-Shirt
Spiderman Tie Dye Costume T-Shirt Close Up
Spiderman Tie Dye Costume T-ShirtSpiderman Tie Dye Costume T-Shirt Close Up

Spiderman Tie Dye Costume T-Shirt

$18.99 Reg.$27.99
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"Print On Front Only"

Made from 100% cotton, this red and blue t-shirt features the simulated torso of Spiderman's costume-thing...with a psychedelic twist!  And that twist, ladies and gentlemen....is a tie-dye coloration!  That's right, Spiderman fans; Spiderman's all about feeling good and free and...and just....he just wants you to mellow out, really. I mean, is it horrible to join a commune, cook with rocks and grow your own food? Heck no.  And, I have to say, Spiderman's new approach to fighting crime seems to be working. Usually, he hangs a bunch of crooks in a ball of webbing from a lamp post for the police and calls it a day.  Now....now Spiderman asks them if their mothers would appreciate this propensity towards criminal behavior.  A lot of them just turn themselves in, these days.

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  • Sku: tsspidtiedyecostume
  • Color: Red
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Symbol, Costume

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great quality, thick shirt to wear.. dont knwo if I should was alone before or I may get other cloth in blue and red?

T. Hunter
Reno, NV

Good for the price On sale, many comments. Con's the back isn't finished

Walther Eduardo Colombini

Is very good. I'd like, if possible, when I dress that I receive the spider-man super-powers!!!


The colours are vibrant the shirt is cool, I went to see Emma Stone aka Gwen Stacy in Cabaret in NYC the other day and she even smiled at how different and cool it was. It's an original!


This shirt looks as cool on as it does in the picture. The colors are strong and vibrant. T-shirt quality is good. I wore it on Halloween in support of my son who went in a full Spider-man costume. I definitely recommend getting it.

Kyle No
The Bronx

Good quality and a great look.

Craig McLarty
Phoenix. Arizona.

I really like the feel and look of the t shirt, I've received many compliments on it. I want to purchase more shirts when I have the extra money. I like the black superman with the silver emblem. I would also like a hulk, Captain America, and an Xmen. Thank you for your extremely cool products, and this is from a 63 year old man who was always into comics for years. Craig

The Jonesy
Atlanta, GA

There aren't enough superlatives for this Spidey shirt! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Jack Knight
Star City

says it in the title

Grass valley, ca

I loved this Shirt. I love the tiedye. It is red on the back so it's more similar to his real suit! There is no spiderwebs on the back but I like that it doesn't. I bought this for myself and when buying from men shirts I do tend to buy medium and though this was a little tighter than normal it actually fit me perfectly. I love it and am very happy with my shirt. I love spiderman he is my favorite man in tights so I love how well this shirt came out!!!

Sexsmith, AB

I love shirt.


literally the greatest shirt ever made. Get comments wherever I go.

Louisville, KY

I love this shirt! Wear it only on special occasions? EVERYDAY is a special occasion with this on! I wear it to work, the people cheer "Spider-Man is here!" I AM SPIDER-MAN!

Vancouver, BC

Great fitting. The colours are so vidid and the details are a nice texture.

Chicago, IL

Very Cool Shirt. Feels Like Could Take Spidey's Place.

Seattle, WA

I was wondering why the tag was cut off? Gave me the impression that I was buying inferior product.

St. Paul. MN

Nice colors, excellent feel and fit.


the colors pop out at you, great shirt design

That One Girl

I just got my Spidey shirt in the mail today and it's KILLING ME that I've vowed not to wear it in public until Halloween! It fits wonderfully and it looks absolutely fantastic. It's definitely worth the money. I can't wait to start showing off my new favorite shirt!

Brian #9 ('cause I'm only one step from being a 10)

awesome Shirt! I get a lot of compliments on it whenever I wear it...

Ontario, Canada

Wasn't sure what I would think of the shirt once I actually got it, but, it looks awesome. I haven't given it to my boyfriend yet, but, I'm sure he'll like it just as much as the costume spiderman hoodie that I ordered for him last year at Christmas.


Love the tie dye effect to get the right colors. Webbing and spider should be a lot smaller and match up better with the comics. Shirt is a little stiff, but probably from the tie dye process.


My grandson thinks this shirt is fantastic and the envy of the other kids at school!


Excellent shirt, my son wears some S and some M shirts so I was nervous ordering it. I measured his shirts and went for the small. Fits perfectly and I have not noticed any shrinking due to accidentally putting it in the dryer. I washed it alone the first time but now I just throw it in with the colored clothes then into the dryer. He gets a lot of compliments on it.


I am 5'11'' 240 lbs I bought a 2XL - This shirt fits slightly snug. I have bought costume shirts before and i really like this one coz it is a bit more simple pattern. The spider on the front and the lines look crisp against the tie dye back ground. It is really cool.

Westminster, CO.

I own a lot of Spider-man shirts, I get so many complements when I wear this one. I'm always shocked on how much it gets noticed and how well liked it is.

Roel superherofan
Steenbergen, the netherlands

Super delivery super fast super state super fit Everything is super about this shirt. SUPERHERO Spiderman SUPERSHIRT.


The.shirt is awesome and well made:)

Solid Stu
New Zealand

This is my favorite item that I bought from superherostuff.com :) I wear it all the time... Cool retro style that reminds me of watching the original Spiderman movie (from the 70's) when I was a young lad (in the 80')s...

Dave, Big Spidey fan / gamer
Burlington, WA

The tie die effect is really cool and the shirt is actually a nice quality material. I have washed the shirt a couple of times and everything is still perfect, color, fit, so on.