Spiderman Zombie T-Shirt

Spiderman Zombie T-Shirt

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Hey, it's the Spiderman Zombie t-shirt! Only the most disgusting concept ever put on a marvel t-shirt... Superheroes turned Zombies! Yuch. But it's true... sigh... yes, our beloved Peter Parker ends up munching on Aunt May and Mary Jane for brunch. Read below to see what's up with that! Basically the Marvel Zombies miniseries was set in an alternate Marvel Universe around 2149 where most of the superheroes and super villains turn into flesh-eating monsters.
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Reed Richards is tricked into teleporting into a universe inhabited by a zombie overrun universe where Magneto is one of the few unaffected survivors.  Magneto ends up saving Reed's butt, and explains that the infection started days before Reed's arrival after an unidentified infected superhero, similar to the Sentry from yet another dimension crashed into New York City looking for people to eat. Consider him a mini Galactus.
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So anyway... Magneto teleports Reed, along with a handful of other survivors, to the Ultimate universe, but stays behind to destroy the teleporter and help ensure the zombies do not infect other dimensions. Enter.... The Surfer and Galactus who gets taken out by a super-Zombie Canon created by Bruce Banner and friends, and all the "heroes" eat poor Galactus to bits. It's just totally gross! Go buy the comics and read them now!! You won't be disappointed.

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