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Spiderman Spidergirl Costume Sequin Corset

$18.99 Reg.$42.99


Spiderman Spidergirl Costume Sequin Corset

$18.99 Reg.$42.99

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The 100% polyester Spiderman Spidergirl Costume Sequin Corset for all of you webslingers who dream of shinning while you're flying... well, swinging. Pete will surely be jealous when he sees how magnificent you look shimmering through the night sky. I'm pretty sure he will rethink his outfit... because really.. who wouldn't want to be covered in sequins? This Spiderman Spidergirl Costume Sequin Corset comes with straps and is adjustable so you can get that perfect fit! 

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  • Spider-man
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  • Clothing & Apparel,
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Reviews of Spiderman Spidergirl Costume Sequin Corset

3.0 (Based on 1 reviews)
bf loves Spiderman
Chicago, IL

The corset is comfortable, and fits true to size...however the cups are so small that I don't know what size they actually are...maybe for a B cup? This would be great if they made it able to choose a different cup size...I know my DDD's will not fit most normal things, but usually I can fit into something that is close to a C...this just comes to the bottom and I can't wear it unless I tuck the cups under and it's basically just no cover. Maybe an option to buy extra material so cups can be altered would be nice, I would be more than willing to get that.

Submitted 3 years ago