Star Trek Mr. Spock Cardboard Cutout

Star Trek Mr. Spock Cardboard Cutout

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This 71 inch high by 20 inch wide cardboard cutout of Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek television series is the logical choice for people who want...cardboard cutouts of Mr. Spock. His grave demeanor will bring an air of seriousness to whichever space you place him in. But who won't be smiling when they see our favorite science officer's pointy Vulcan ears?

Although we can't imagine you'll ever tire of looking at Mr. Spock, he's easily customizable - you can always switch things up by playing "Mirror, Mirror" and drawing a little Sharpie goatee on him. Voila! Evil Spock! Once you do it you're stuck, though - we do not issue Evil Spock refunds.

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Denver, CO
submitted 4 years ago

Looks awesome!!! Love it :) xoxox