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Star Trek Yellow Costume Women's Sweater
Star Trek Yellow Costume Women's Sweater-Close Up
Star Trek Yellow Costume Women's Sweater
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Star Trek Yellow Costume Women's SweaterStar Trek Yellow Costume Women's Sweater-Close UpStar Trek Yellow Costume Women's SweaterSize Chart

Star Trek Yellow Costume Women's Sweater

$24.00 Reg.$49.99
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Prepare to fix that Warp Core or go an Away Mission with the 97% polyester 3% spandex Star Trek Yellow Costume Women's Sweater! The greatest thing about this lightweight sweater is that the yellow part is semi-transparent from being a fine mesh. You know how to use Dilithium crystals and you've figured out how to slam right through Warp 9. You need the Star Trek Yellow Costume Women's Sweater!

Fitted vs. Standard:

  • Fitted sizes are cut more narrowly through the bust and are more form-fitting.
  • Standard sizes are cut wider through the bust than are Fitted sizes and have a looser, straighter fit.

More Details

  • Sku: sweatstyelwmn
  • Color: Yellow
  • Licensor: Star Trek
  • Style Attributes: Costume

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Reviews of Star Trek Yellow Costume Women's Sweater

submitted 1 year ago

I love it! The top is mesh stuff but I like that its different. Def order a size up from your norm

Philadelphia, PA
submitted 2 years ago

A must for any Trek fan! Can't wait for the cold weather so I can wear it more!

Heather C.
North Carolina
submitted 2 years ago

I’d kind of love to know who decided that the WOMEN’S shirt needed to be see-through at the top because that’s a design choice I’m not quite following, despite the description’s frantic insistence that the sheer material is “the greatest thing!” about the shirt. That being said, I’ll admit that I bungled this one myself by not reading the full description of the shirt before purchasing. So let me just warn all you gals out there – unless you’re cool with letting everyone know what color bra you’re wearing (or NOT wearing, as the case may be) then be prepared to layer this over a plain white t-shirt… …which is easier said than done when the shirt’s so small that getting it on automatically rearranges your internal organs. I ordered a size up from what I usually wear (because for some reason all these geek shirt sites seem to think Large=size 8, which suggests to me that they have yet to meet a healthy cross-section of nerds, geeks, and/or assorted affiliated demographics) and I had to incorporate some Zen yoga just to get the thing to go over my chestal area. Taking normal breaths was out of the question, much less figuring out how to get another t-shirt under the thing. My recommendation is to order two sizes up. Then lose 10 pounds to be on the safe side. Typically, I’d chalk this up to “unrealistic size expectations,” do a return, and be done with it. But I’m harboring a bit of a snit over the fact that I also ordered two other different t-shirts of the same size as the Star Trek shirt, and they both fit beautifully. I’m calling shenanigans all over this.

Superherostuff.com response:

Thanks for the feedback and very sorry you were disappointed. We will gladly refund you for the item, just contact our customer service department at help@superherostuff.com. We do try to make it clear in the description that it's transparent and have a size chart showing the measurements but we are going to see if we can include a better picture to help showcase the item a bit better. Thanks for shopping with us!