Star Trek Dammit Jim T-Shirt

$17.99 Reg.$19.99
Star Trek Dammit Jim T-Shirt

Star Trek Dammit Jim T-Shirt

$17.99 Reg.$19.99
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Made from 100% Cotton, we have a black t-shirt featuring the slightly cantankerous Dr. Leonard McCoy, making it very clear to his captain that he is, in fact, a Doctor and not a practitioner of one of the many job descriptions listed...unless you ask him nicely; then "F" becomes a valid option. Taken from the hit Sci-fi series, Star Trek, this Star Trek t-shirt is all about letting superior officers know the limits of space-medicine!

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  • Sku: tsstrtrkalloftheabove
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Star Trek
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Star Trek Dammit Jim T-Shirt
Laura, Not-so-closet Trekkie
Leicester, UK

If there was one thing Bones McCoy was known for, it was his irrascibility and his very long list of what he was not. Great fun to have a few of those lines immortalised on my t-shirt :). The shirt itself is good quality with some weight to the cotton (unlike some of the almost transparent shirts available which disintegrate after a couple of washes) and decent stitching round all the edges. The print is holding up well after several washes - no cracking so far. The size is comfortable without being baggy.

Jupiter, FL

Don't hate, but I got this for my 9 y.o. Trekkie. She loves it even if she isn't allowed to wear it to ballet or school. :) This t-shirt is more appreciated because of the graphics versus other DAMMIT, JIM shirts for close to the same price. Thanks!


Gorgeous shirt, comfy, got tons of trekkies complimenting it!