Star Wars Return of the Jedi Belt Buckle

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Hey guys, I have a great idea! Let's build a second Death Star, but this time, we'll make it an elaborate trap! Those rebels are predictable as all heck, and they always think they have an upper hand! Little do they know the Emperor has set an exquisite ambush designed solely to capture and convert Darth Vader's son! Yeah...I didn't know robots could have children either or how we all managed to miss it. Darth Vader is so intimidating...I never bothered to ask him if he had any other family besides ATM machines and vacuum cleaners. Look, here comes the Rebels! Battle stations, people, and we'll talk later when we've won!

Rodger the Stormtrooper was never heard from again, but we were able to find this great Star Wars Return of the Jedi Belt Buckle amongst the ruin. It stuck out because it is 4 inches wide by 2.25 inches tall and made of chrome: coated with a black gloss and crimson paint. My guess is that he probably wanted to let everybody know what happened. You know what happened? The returning of but a single Jedi! That's what we like to call a cyclical plot. A lone Sith brings down the Republic, and a lone Jedi brings down the Empire. The circle is complete!

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