Star Wars White Imperial Symbol Belt Buckle


Star Wars White Imperial Symbol Belt Buckle


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Join the Empire! Serve your Galaxy! Travel to distant worlds and oppress them! Field goal kick an Ewok! Give a wedgie to a Wookie! Twist a Twi'lek's Tendrils! Take shots at people but sleep easy because you sure as heck won't kill anybody! Teach those cantina guys how to play a different song! Help the Emperor find some hand lotion! Find your local recruitment office today!***

Now, as part of your recent conscription you have the ability to purchase this Imperial issue Star Wars White Imperial Symbol Belt Buckle! It'll be great for when you are off duty, listening to tunes in your local bar or scanning the horizon for droids of great importance. 3.25 diameter, flat white paint over chrome, and from what the manual says mildly laser resistant. Show your support for the Empire!

***Hazard pay not included. The Empire is not responsible in any way, shape, or form if prospective employee is shot, mauled, eaten, cauterized, frozen to death, ejected into the black recesses of space, blown up in a space station, killed by friendly fire, tossed into a rancor pit, poisoned, burned, sliced, crushed, smeared, eviscerated, ruptured, sexually harassed, suffer an allergic reaction, splinters, or stubbed toes.

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