Star Wars Chewbacca Bobble Head

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Our Star Wars Chewbacca Bobble Head turns everyone's favorite right-hand Wookiee into a yes man...of sorts. Not that he wasn't already mostly agreeable, especially where scruffy-looking nerf herders are concerned. This Chewie bobblehead stands about 5 1/2 inches tall and is so precisely detailed you can even see the big guy's teeth. And his bowcaster. And bandolier. And just for good measure, they emblazoned the figure's black base with Chewbacca's name. Not that you needed it, 'cause you could pick this Star Wars hero out in any bar on Kashyyyk. Right? I am incorrect in assuming they have bars there? Up in the trees? No? Was it a jug band? Or was it just your Star Wars Chewbacca Bobble Head rockin' and a-boppin and singing his song?

More Details:

  • - Color: Brown
  • - Licensor: Star Wars
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