Star Wars 4 pc. Wood Coaster Set

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Here's a set of 4 square, wooden coasters, each measuring 4"x 4" and adorned with a beautiful illustration of a preeminent Star Wars character!  There's the galaxy's most fearsome Bounty Hunter, Boba Fett, flying and blasting....and blasting and flying.  There's Han Solo, illegal smuggler of equally illegal...things, his usual selfishness replaced by the selfless cause of the rebellion.  There's Luke Skywalker, flaring-up his lightsaber and defending the rebel cause while other members of his family (unbeknownst to him) seek to ...uh....smite the rebel..cause-thing.  Oh, and speaking of disagreeable family members, there's Darth Vader, flashing his own lightsaber, wielding the Dark Side of the Force and scaring children! Oh, I should warn you.  Darth Vader doesn't like cold drinks placed on his chest piece.  Something about the cold condensation deactivating his hearing, or something.

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Very good quality, package arrived promptly.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.