Stormtrooper DJ Stereo Headphones
Stormtrooper DJ Stereo Headphones- View in Box
Stormtrooper DJ Stereo HeadphonesStormtrooper DJ Stereo Headphones- View in Box

Stormtrooper DJ Stereo Headphones

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Here's a pair of ..sizable....DJ Stereo headphones with each, "ginormous" ear peace adorned with a raised Stormtrooper cranium!  These babies feature 40MM Power Drivers that are, in fact, THUMPIN'!  You saw these Stormtrooper headphones being worn in Star Wars, right?  Sure you have!  Tie Fighter Pilots wore them when...uh...when...Yep.  ANYways, these babies also feature a soft, padded, adjustable headband for a comfortable fit.  Other specifications include:

Cord Length- 190CM
Impedance- 32 ohms
Speaker Diameter- 40 mm (and THUMPIN')
Sensitivity- 105dB
Frequency Range- 20-18,000 Hz
Plug Type- 3.5mm
Max Power Input- 20mW

Oh, and they're iPod/ iPhone compatible, too! 

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  • Sku: headdjstrmtrpr
  • Color: White
  • Licensor: Star Wars

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Reviews of Stormtrooper DJ Stereo Headphones

Thor Breakbeat God of Thunder
Lawrence, KS
submitted 5 years ago

I have a few of these novelty headphones, and as a DJ i'm pretty disappointed in the quality. the whole 'iHip' brand needs to improve, quality wise. I spent the evening replacing the drivers of my iHip 'Thor' headphones with drivers from my old, dilapidated sony dj phones because the left cup had gone out and the jack was failing. Now that I've replaced the drivers, re-soldered everything, it sounds great.