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Limited Edition Star Wars HeroBox®

Take a trip to a galaxy far, far away with this mystery gift box! Filled with Limited Edition Star Wars items including a New Era hat, t-shirt, and an assortment of force-sensitive items so valuable that every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be seeking them out.

The box is limited to 150 and is priced to provide great value to Jedi & Sith aficionados. The value of its contents taken individually, including its feature item – a premium New Era cap – well exceed the box price. Hurry, before they’re all confiscated by the Empire!

Featuring Star Wars New Era Hats

Headwear and helmets are all the rage in the Star Wars universe. It's no surprise our box would feature three out-of-this-galaxy hats from Rogue One:

Sand Trooper Box $69
($100+ full retail)
Including a 59Fifty made from 100% polyester, this fitted, flat-billed cap reproduces the look of a Sand Trooper’s helmet. Complete with black visor layered over a soft, sand-brown base. This 59fifty New Era hat features embroidered line work further replicating the helmet’s intricate design.
Rogue One Box $69
($100+ full retail)
Includes the fitted, New Era 59Fifty flat-billed cap. Featuring a striking, divided image of Rogue One Squadron immediately adjacent to a terrifying battalion of Death Troopers. Layering the image, an embroidered, divided symbol of the Rebellion halved by the Empire’s intimidating insignia.
Death Trooper Box $69
($100+ full retail)
A shiny, black, polyester/polyurethane 59Fifty cap sporting the visage of the dreaded Death Trooper, this 59Fifty New Era hat comes complete with a stitched, silvery visor. The bill’s underside reveals a battalion of Death Troopers, and the back sports an embroidered Imperial symbol.
Example Star Wars Shirts

Each Box Includes a T-Shirt + Bonus Items

You’re guaranteed a Star Wars T-Shirt celebrating your love of the Rebellion and your disdain (or love) for the Empire. Besides the T-Shirt and a 59Fifty New Era hat, the Star Wars HeroBox® contains four additional mystery items. What are they? Well, we’re not going to spoil the surprise. However, the contents absolutely hold greater value than the price of the box.

Why a Star Wars HeroBox®?

In 1977, Star Wars: A New Hope changed the world. Yes, the effects were astounding, and it shifted preconceived filming paradigms for decades to come, but it inspired in other ways, in more astounding ways. Star Wars heralded an exciting new age of wonder, and every additional film redirects our perspective to something greater, something inspiring and existing outside of ourselves. We hope you'll feel that magic captured in this Star Wars HeroBox®.

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Hero boxes helped me keep my Rockstar Dad status. I'm kinda hoping for a suicide squad soon

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