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HeroBox Star Wars The Last Jedi Edition

HeroBox Star Wars The Last Jedi Mystery Box

HeroBox Star Wars The Last Jedi Edition

Silver Edition
Gold Edition
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Beginning of December

While you've been salivating and waiting to find out what Luke Skywalker has been up to for the last 30 years, we've been putting together a limited run HeroBox®.

Combining a mix of apparel and accessories from 'The Last Jedi' and the classic trilogy -- because we have nothing good (or publishable) to say about the prequels -- this LIMITED-EDITION Star Wars mystery box is sure to please the most devout Jedi and Sith. Heck, it might even make Luke smile.

Why Do We Love Star Wars?

Is this even a question that needs answering? Porgs! Oh, and we're very curious about Darth Vader's mostly insane descendants struggling to come to terms with their psychologically overwhelming Force sensitivity!

But we love it -- really, really love it, breathe it, eat it and drink it -- because it's the greatest sci-fi space opera of all time brimming with expressive robots, giant alien bears, space pirates, a dwindling order of space knights, and a black-clad villain whose heavy breathing has been terrorizing children since 1977.

Choose Your Box Level

Silver Edition $49 Value of $70+

  • The Last Jedi T-Shirt
  • Jedi Worthy Apparel
  • First Order(ish) Accessories
  • Mystery gear from Ahch-To to Tatooine

Gold Edition $69 Value of $100+

Includes everything from the Silver Edition PLUS an additional $30+ worth of Last Jedi apparel and accessories.


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HeroBox Star Wars The Last Jedi Mystery Box


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