Star Wars Boba Fett Head Keychain

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No matter how sure anybody is, nobody ever bets 'The Fett man'. For good reason too, he is the galaxy's premier bounty hunter! You know you have the skills when the Emperor/ Darth Vader look you up by name. I wonder if in the Star Wars universe there is a phone book, and in said phone book would be the sections for bounty hunters, bands, diaper services for the Hutts, and Ewok Boarding houses. You can't just leave for a vacation and leave your Ewok out and about; they will tear up your sofa and carpet! Those Ewoks have some serious separation anxiety.

Of course the section we are talking about are the bounty hunters and the guy with the biggest ad space of them all, Boba Fett! He hates Jedi scum, loves getting paid, and loves the hover-parties on Tatooine. Along with his tremendous advertisement, Boba Fett also has sanctioned his likeness to be placed on 1.25 inch tall key chains. It is made of some kind of durable metal, probably some sort of bespin alloy or something like that! Nobody will dare mess with your keys if they see Fett keeping cover. Who wants to get hauled off in Slave-1 as a block of carbonite for thievery?

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