Star Wars Boba Fett Lamp

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Measuring nearly 12" high and 5" across, this incredibly AWESOME desk lamp is rendered in the (moderately portly) likeness of the Empire's most efficient bounty hunter, Boba Fett! That's right, it's Boba Fett! You remember him from the Star Wars saga, right? I mean, sure, he got like, 29 seconds of screen time in the original trilogy, but the stories told after the films concentrated the limelight on this green-helmed, soft spoken dagger of the hunt! Ahem. Anyway, this Boba Fett desk lamp features a hard, plastic (portly) body with a softer lamp shade, an electric cord for convenient pluggin'-in and ...the simulated likeness of Boba Fett. To be used with 40 Watt light bulbs, this Boba Fett desk lamp is perfect for...your desk. Because it' dark over there. BECAUSE THE DEATH STAR IS BLOCKING YOUR WINDOW!

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  • - Licensor: Star Wars
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