Star Wars Jedi Vs Sith Lunchbox

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The Force works in mysterious ways - diametrically opposed and yet, never really freed from the other. We're talking about the light and dark side people! The original founders of the Force had but one school of thought, but at one point their order fractured when confronted by the problem of 'emotions'! The Light side users, the Jedi, forsook their emotions for an ambivalent compassion while the Dark side users, the Sith, embraced their emotions and that turned them into blood thirsty killing machines! Well, neither of those seem very appealing. Can I just be neutral? Suppose I could get this 6 inch high, 7.5 inch wide, and 3 inch thick Star Wars Jedi Vs Sith Lunchbox! Both sides and their images are 'embossed', which is a fancy term for slightly raised. One one side we have Yoda, Skywalker, and Kenobi; on the other we have Vader, the Emperor, and Darth Maul! Suppose we could flip it and decide which Force-user is better.

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