Star Wars Vader Saber Magnet
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Star Wars Vader Saber Magnet

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You think that magnets would stick to Darth Vader? Do stormtroopers 'tag' him as he walks by with smiley faces and pictures of their families? Maybe it is the only time anybody gets any revenge on the Sith Lord. It could go the other way though and magnets could short circuit his hardware. Somebody goes to place a magnet on good ol' Darth Vader and suddenly he starts doing the Electric Slide or the Melbourne Shuffle. Again, I'm sure this wouldn't go well for the people messing with him, and would probably result in an early termination the only way somebody like Darth would. About the only time you could get away with either of these activities would be with this 3 inch high by 2 inch wide magnet featuring everybody's favorite Pod Racing little kid turned terrible warlord of the universe; Darth Vader!

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  • Licensor: Star Wars
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Planet Earth
submitted 5 years ago

Love it!