Star Wars Clone Wars Jedi Knights Pencil Box

Clone Wars Jedi Knights Pencil Box

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Measuring 8" across, 3" wide and 1.5" high, this tin pencil box features a trio of heroic Jedi Knights taken from the hit, CGI series, Star Wars: The Close Wars! It's Anakin! It's Ben Kenobi! It's Ahsoka Tano! And they got some helpful clones behind them! Anyway, this quality, tin opens on a metal hinge and closes securely for....uh...for protecting your writing instruments from the conniving clutches of diabolical Sith Lords! Yes, the Sith will "borrow" your pens...and never return them! Oh, they'll claim they did. Or, they'll claim they never actually borrowed your pen. Yeah, pen stealing is pretty much the basis of the entire conflict permeating the Star Wars universe!

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Reviews of Clone Wars Jedi Knights Pencil Box

Co. Bluffs, IA
submitted 5 years ago

Came is good shape. Hard to get too excited about a tin pencil box. My 9 yr. old grandson loved it.