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Star Wars Empire Crest Distressed Men's T-Shirt


Star Wars Empire Crest Distressed Men's T-Shirt


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The t-shirt of an Imperial officer who barely survived his first encounter with an Ewok.

The Battle of Endor was rough. Just ask any surviving Imperial officer who took part in an operation to quell a Rebellion initiative hinging on a certain shield generator's detonation.

Yes, the Empire expected significant resistant from Rebel forces, but the Ewoks? Those soft and fuzzy outer space teddy bears who hunt with spears and worship any old droid dangling from a net?
Guess what? They're surprisingly capable (they bite very, very hard), and they handily "yubb-nubbed" your @$$eS$ back to the Death Star. 

Your Star Wars Empire Crest Distressed Men's T-Shirt? It's a little worn considering an Ewok -- flying a hang glider -- picked you up and dropped you after climbing to about one-thousand feet.


Made from 100% cotton, this Empire t-shirt for men features a red, purposely distressed Empire crest, the imposing symbol of Emperor Palpatine's Trade Federation gone mad.

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