Star Wars Kids Look Busy T-Shirt

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Most of the time while us adults are at work, you're spending your time messing around and browsing the internet for funny pictures of cats and conspiracy Keanus. However, when that bossman rolls around you better snap to attention and look busy! It kind of works the reverse here. You're fine if you're looking at comic related materials, but don't you dare let the bossman catch you reading the news or something like that. That's a write up! I would say that this mechanism for wasting the day away in a glorious testament to inefficiency is a skill worth teaching your children. Might as well start with this 100% cotton Star Wars Kids Look Busy T-Shirt. It is for the children and features some slacker Stormtroopers attempting to look busy as Vader approaches. They should probably be working on their aim on the Star Wars Kids Look Busy T-Shirt!

More Details:

  • - Color: Red
  • - Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • - Licensor: Star Wars
  • - Style Attributes: Image
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