Star Wars Tie Fighter Tux Men's T-Shirt

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At first glance, you'd think that you could wear the Star Wars Tie Fighter Tux Men's T-Shirt to a wedding...and then you realize it is actually part of the Death Star trench! Hopefully that doesn't mean that Luke Skywalker will tag you. Hopefully. Any-who, the 100% cotton Star Wars Tie Fighter Tux Men's T-Shirt is a classy shirt that takes the faux-tuxedo look and kicks it up a notch towards the direction of George Lucas to the sound of TIE Fighters!

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  • Color:Black
  • Sleeve Type:Short sleeve
  • Licensor:Star Wars
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Orlando, fl
5.0 Sweet formal wear

How else do you do a black tie affair?

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.