Star Wars Ladies Leather Poster Wallet
Star Wars Ladies Leather Poster Wallet- back view
Star Wars Ladies Leather Poster Wallet- interior
Star Wars Ladies Leather Poster WalletStar Wars Ladies Leather Poster Wallet- back viewStar Wars Ladies Leather Poster Wallet- interior

Star Wars Ladies Leather Poster Wallet

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Carry "A New Hope" full of all your swag and miscellaneous stuff with a Star Wars Ladies Leather Poster Wallet. This tri-fold style women's wallet features classic Star Wars trilogy imagery and enough pockets inside and out to satisfy even Han Solo's smuggling needs. This ladies wallet is approximately 4 inches wide and 7.5 inches long and 11 inches wide when open fully. The snap closure has a nice 2 snap feature to adjust from thin to flush, depending on that old cash flow.

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  • Sku: walletstrwrsladpstr
  • Color: Blue
  • Licensor: Star Wars

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Reviews of Star Wars Ladies Leather Poster Wallet

Alexa Skywalker
Udine, ITALY
submitted 2 years ago


submitted 4 years ago

I needed a new wallet following the tragic end of my pacman henge wallet. Unfortunately every henge wallets I looked at was way too small for my cards. This wallet however is a trifold, with seven spaces for cards including the ID slot. There's plenty of space in each slot so you can actually fit two in each. It has a small zip up pocket on the back that's excellent for change and three pockets inside where you can squirrel away cash and even divide it between big bills and small if you're particularly organized. The wallet closes with a pop in button and actually has two places to pop in so as your wallet gets more stuff you can just pop it shut if a different spot. Both buttons remain concealed regardless of where it's shut at. I've also been able to tuck my checkbook into the middle of it so I don't have to dig for it. The outside of the wallet feels to be made of a sort of vinyl leather, with the inside being a sort of sort pleather. The stitching is also well done, it's even on all sides and I've yet to see any loose threads or fraying from it. The print on the outside is also very nice quality. There's no bleed or any weird pixelation on the print. I'll likely buy the matching purse when my own bag goes out.

Westchester, NY
submitted 5 years ago

Love the graphic. The only thing I would change would be to make the change pocket bigger. It is hard to get fingers in to get the coins out.

submitted 5 years ago

it's super awesome and fab and great quality. so yay