Supergirl Wake Up Women's Sleep Tank & Shorts Set



Supergirl Wake Up Women's Sleep Tank & Shorts Set



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Looking for comfortable Supergirl sleepwear for those occasions when you sleep and/or lounge about, blatantly ignoring plummeting meteors, teetering school busses, and the plight of tree-trapped kittens?

The Supergirl Wake Up Women's Sleep Tank & Shorts Set is the nighttime, daytime option while the costume hangs in a closet before the next shift. 

Made from 100% cotton, this Supergirl-themed sleep set features a tank top and bum-hugging shorts simply bursting with the following fashionable attributes focused on your indoor comfort:

The Top!

The Supergirl tank top features a purposely faded Supergirl symbol. Surrounding the symbol is 80s-inspired text beseeching you to "Wake up, be a ('S' is for 'superhero'), repeat." 

If you're looking to enhance self-esteem, you wear this tank top while repeating its litany in front of a mirror.

The front is colored in heather-red, while the back is shaded in light gray, layered with a pattern of faded Supergirl symbols.

The Shorts!

These light gray shorts continue the pattern expressed on the tank's back -- a recurrence of faded Supergirl symbols. With a soft elastic band and trendy cut, these airy Supergirl shorts are perfect for heroic acts of super-human lollygagging.

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