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Supergirl Costume Women's Knee High Socks


Supergirl Costume Women's Knee High Socks


We are not planning on bringing this item back currently, but we'll let you know if that changes!

We’ll let you know as soon as the item is back in stock!

Sequins -- the anti-Kryptonite.

Ever since Kara added thick bands of red, reflective sequins to her super-socks, Kryptonite -- the power-sucking bane of any Earth-dwelling Kryptonian -- has little to no effect.

Yep, it seems sequins successfully deflect the strength-dampening radiations emanating from pocket-sized chunks of Kara's homeworld -- and they do this with a bold, flickering extravagance.

Our Supergirl Costume Women's Knee High Socks boast Supergirl's new-found love of sequins that began as a simple preventative measure before evolving into an unhealthy fashion obsession.

Made from a soft, stretchy cotton and polyester, these knee-high Supergirl socks for women reflect Kara's super-suit with illustrated costume accents and bright Supergirl symbols.

They also feature...SEQUINS!

Yes, blazing bands of red sequins wrapping around the elastic sock-tops. No, we're not kidding you. Yes, they're completely legal.

Perfect for tinsel-layered galas, costume parties, or wearing under your red, knee-high boots, these bravely glittering, disco-inspired(?) socks are 1,000% more discussion-worthy than average, boring, non-sequin socks.

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  • Product Brands:
  • Supergirl
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  • Clothing & Apparel,
  • Socks
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