Supergirl Costume Women's Knee High Socks


Supergirl Costume Women's Knee High Socks


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Sequins -- the anti-Kryptonite.

Ever since Kara added thick bands of red, reflective sequins to her super-socks, Kryptonite -- the power-sucking bane of any Earth-dwelling Kryptonian -- has little to no effect.

Yep, it seems sequins successfully deflect the strength-dampening radiations emanating from pocket-sized chunks of Kara's homeworld -- and they do this with a bold, flickering extravagance.

Our Supergirl Costume Women's Knee High Socks boast Supergirl's new-found love of sequins that began as a simple preventative measure before evolving into an unhealthy fashion obsession.

Made from a soft, stretchy cotton and polyester, these knee-high Supergirl socks for women reflect Kara's super-suit with illustrated costume accents and bright Supergirl symbols.

They also feature...SEQUINS!

Yes, blazing bands of red sequins wrapping around the elastic sock-tops. No, we're not kidding you. Yes, they're completely legal.

Perfect for tinsel-layered galas, costume parties, or wearing under your red, knee-high boots, these bravely glittering, disco-inspired(?) socks are 1,000% more discussion-worthy than average, boring, non-sequin socks.

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