Superman Red Symbol on Stainless Steel Dog Tag

Superman Red Symbol on Stainless Steel Dog Tag

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Here's a metallic dog tag made from stainless steel adorned with a raised Superman symbol colored in red!  Just like the Superman symbol!  This much more solid-than-average Superman dog tag is made from 316 Stainless Steel, which is a higher quality grade of stainless steel offering almost chrome-like reflection and perfect for...you guessed it...making high quality, long lasting jewelry!  The dog tag itself measures 1.25" across and 2" high, hanging from a chain measuring roughly 10" long.

Members of the Superman for a Better Cookie Pie Association (SBCPA) usually don this particular dog tag when..dipping their heads into a silo-sized container of cookie-pie mix.  What's a cookie pie, and how has it moved Superman so?   Just make a chocolate chip cookie in a pot-pie dish, add chocolate frosting and additional chips on top.  This is why Superman is so very desperate to save us.

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Reviews of Superman Red Symbol on Stainless Steel Dog Tag

submitted 6 years ago

I bought two of these, matching the US Army style of how they bear their dogtags, I went to a jewelrystore who wrote my norwegian dogtag info on them, and I freaking love them!