Superman Costume Journal


Superman Costume Journal


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Dear Journal,

Saved the world again. Well, I should say I saved the world 10 or 11 times today. There was that runaway nuclear train carrying nuns and orphans, Lex Luthor tried to blow up the West Coast again, and the League of Evil Kittens attempted to shred all of the furniture in Germany. I stopped the train and Luthor, and distracted the kittens with an array of laser pointers and the world's biggest ball of yarn. That's what makes me so Super, ya know? At least I, Superman, have a place to put all of my deep thoughts and feelings...the 8.25 inch high by 6.25 inch wide Superman Costume Journal! It looks just like me, so I feel safe confiding in it. The Journal of Steel cannot be stopped! Okay, I'm headed to bed. I'll write in you tomorrow...I promise!



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