Superman #700 Lucite Keychain

Superman #700 Lucite Keychain

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People think that Superman's arch nemesis is Lex Luthor. Oh, they couldn't be so wrong! After working here, the truth becomes so very obvious...Superman's truly evil mastermind are chains! I think I once referred this ancient evil as the Chain-o-noids. The Chain-o-noids are envious of Superman's ability to shuck off his bonds, and have come up with ever more creative ways of trying to contain him. The Chain-o-noids even tried to get married to Carry Kryptonite in some bizarre strategy meant to put good ol' Supes down for the count. As you can see on this 2.5 inch tall by 1.75 inch wide lucite keychain, it didn't go so well. Sucks for the Chain-o-noids.

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  • Sku: keysup700
  • Color: Grey-Light
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Reviews of Superman #700 Lucite Keychain

Sandy, mom, of a Superman fan who collects everything SUPERMAN!
Springfield, Mo.
submitted 5 years ago

This Superman keychain was a super hit with my son who is an avid collector of anything and everything Superman! Thank you for a great product and service!