Supergirl Pink Stainless Steel Pendant

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Supergirl is just one of those characters that won't be brushed aside. Oh, they have tried to remove her from the multiverse, they have tried to clone her, they have written her our of existence and yet she continues to reappear. Why? Because she is 'supah fly' that's why! She's Superman's cousin, I mean that right there should be enough to get you on her side of things. She also is mostly blond, I say mostly because there are variations of her with black hair. Let's just go with blond, shall we? Good. You know another reason why Supergirl is so great? Miniskirts. I'll leave it at that. I wish I could take all of these things and just roll it into some kind of item that would show off my appreciation for Supergirl...wait a tick.....BOOYAH! Measuring 1.25" across and 1" high, we bring you the Supergirl Pink Stainless Steel Pendant. You know you want one.

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  • - Licensor: DC
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