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Superman New 52 Crew Socks 2-Pack



Superman New 52 Crew Socks 2-Pack



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Just when you thought it was over...

...another reminder of DC's mildly successful reboot -- the "New 52" -- comes staggering through the door like an embarrassing drunk begging you to 'give it one more chance.'

Yep, if you were a fan of the very hard reboot taking all DC characters back to their point of origin -- adorning costumes rendered in 90s-inspired armored plating -- DC's "New 52" initiative represented the best four years of your life.

If you're still pining for Superman's armored costume or that stylish neck-brace of a collar, our Superman New 52 Crew Socks 2-Pack will help you relive the...uh... plated glory of Superman's suit sans outer underwear.

These soft, stretchy Superman socks reflect Superman's post-contemporary look in the following, surprisingly eye-catching ways:

Pair #1: An embroidered, all-over illustration of the new-ish Man of Steel and a strangely electrified logo.

Pair #2: Navy blue socks sporting gray ankles adorned with New 52-era Superman symbols -- they rest above a Superman logo and two gray sporty stripes.

Fits shoe sizes 6-12.

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