Superman Socks w/Capes Jr Womens Knee-Highs
Superman Socks w/Capes Jr Womens Knee-Highs
Superman Socks w/Capes Jr Womens Knee-HighsSuperman Socks w/Capes Jr Womens Knee-Highs

Superman Socks w/Capes Women's Knee-Highs

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Check out this pair of red and blue, knee-high socks for more petite women, each adorned with a Superman symbol interwoven with strands of glitter-thread! And check out these cute little capes stitched to the backs of each sock! Man ALIVE that is wacky! These socks...they simulate the Superman costume! Oh, and I should mention the tiny little, glitter-thread-filled Superman symbols on the feetsies! Anyway, if you're cool, hip, a shifter of paradigms or someone who appreciates good sushi, you probably have this baby resting in your (virtual) shopping cart. Yep, you probably do. Made 68% acrylic, 30% polyester, 2% spandex.

One size fits most!

Even though these socks are super heroically imbued and dripping with style, they probably shouldn't be exposed to vigorous activities like basketball, parkour, crime fighting, super villainy, mountain climbing, etc. etc.

In addition, it is best to turn these socks inside out before washing/ drying them! Apparently high temperatures and spin cycles don't exactly agree with the cape.

More Details

  • Sku: socksupcape
  • Color: Blue
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Caped, Costume

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Reviews of Superman Socks w/Capes Women's Knee-Highs

Super Girl
Idaho Falls, ID
submitted 4 years ago

The socks were so fun. I love the cape on the back. The socks fit my feet just right. I have big calves and so the top part (the red part where the cape is sown on) was starting to come undone because of my big calves. Other than that, I have no complaints.

Dress-up Fan from Australia
Perth, Western Australia
submitted 4 years ago

I bought 11 sets of these for my friends and I for a dress-up event. When I opened the pack I laughed, and when I put them on I laughed even more - they're just great!!

submitted 5 years ago

As advertised

Hot Diggity Dan
submitted 5 years ago

Keep the nights warm with the knee-high super sexy socks

submitted 5 years ago

My son is 11 years old and even though the size says for women, it really is more like one size fits most. My 11 year old boy wears these all the time and loves the attention he gets! I thought the cape would mess up in the wash but it held up fine. Great product!

Palm Harbor, FL
submitted 5 years ago

These socks are awesome! I bought for an upcoming Tap N Run event but want to wear them earlier, haha. Fun!

Dbubbz, Superhero obsession
Sydney, NSW
submitted 6 years ago

so far - love them !!!! ... i've had a few compliments ... just knowing that i'm wearing them makes me feel better... they're the perfect fit ... they sit just right ... love !!

Phoenix, AZ
submitted 6 years ago

Awesome Superman socks. I get tons of compliments when I wear them. They fit and look great.

submitted 6 years ago

I have rated this a 3 purely because the socks didn't fit too well. I don't know if they were meant to be childrens' socks but I bought them for myself and when I put them on they were very tight and had to stretch a bit to fit around to diameter of my calves. Because of this the colour faded because it stretched so much. I do not have fat calves, so this didn't make sense. However, this is a very cool store and would definitely recommend the online shop to friends.