Superman Iconic Pose T-Shirt
Superman Iconic Pose T-Shirt- Close Up

Superman Iconic Pose T-ShirtSuperman Iconic Pose T-Shirt- Close Up

Superman Iconic Pose T-Shirt

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Nothing like Superman on patrol, right? Saving kittens from trees, stopping car accidents, and preventing World War III...all before you finish your lunch break! Hey, there is a reason why we call him SUPER Man. Anyways, why don't you take a look see at this 100% cotton Superman Iconic Pose- T-Shirt! You know the pose...the ever vigilant Superman overlooking his beloved Metropolis, making sure the likes of Lex Luthor stop putting kittens in trees. Now, if they were Kryptonite Kittens it would be an entirely different story...

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  • Sku: tssupiconic
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Superman Iconic Pose T-Shirt

Marshall Babbs
Hillside, NJ
submitted 4 years ago

Your products are very nice, but I would love it if you came out with Gigantor & 8th man tee shirts.

Rubi,DC Comic books fan
submitted 5 years ago

Because it´s Superman who´s starring here whether not I would not have made the difference,he looks exactly like Batman when on a gargoyle.It seems it´s Superman this time who is patrolling and stalking the streets without being detected and Superman is never afraid of anything but of course the bloody Kriptonite as we all are aware of.Superman´s typical iconic pose based on one of the best Jim Lee´s designs is one of my favorites.Looking in the distance with the eyes set on something erratic reminds me more of a Batman´s behaviour than Superman´s,Metropolis being seen as background makes one think that Superman is supervising the city and taking every precaution against evil that lurks in the night.....all in all,HOTSHOT.

Chatsworth, CA
submitted 5 years ago

Fast shipping and really comfy.

submitted 5 years ago

very nice shirt but too small got 3x tall but length was not a true tall t shirt