Superman Kids Muscle Costume T-Shirt

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The Superman Kids Muscle Costume T-Shirt replicates the design of Superman's costume on a 100% cotton, royal blue t-shirt. And it even includes (the appearance of) musculature to make your child feel more powerful than a locomotive! Well, more powerful than Thomas, anyway! The illustrated muscles make up for the fact that most kids this age don't have Superman's physique. Not...YET! Keep taking your vitamins, sonny! Keep running around the track in circles or climbing that rope or whatever it is your Phys. Ed teacher tells you to! It worked for him (or her), didn't it?

Sure, maybe that's not always the case. Back in our day gym teachers could get away with being pretty much any size and shape. But that doesn't mean that exercise isn't important! You can't spend your whole life wearing Superman shirts that have illustrated muscle definition!! (Actually, you kinda can...we have very similar Superman costume t-shirts for grown-ups!)

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