Superman Kids Symbols Oil Wash 30 Single T-Shirt

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Children need role models and not the kind on MTV, singing groups, or playing sports...they need something truly mythical to live up Chuck Norris. Oh, not a big Chuck Norris fan? You're lucky, for he is merciful with his roundhouse kicks. The Mighty Norris does approve worship of his former protege though, Superman! What, you didn't know Chuck Norris was Superman's teacher? Yep...'cept they used to call him ol' Chucky Jor-L on Krypton, and that was right before he destroyed it with a round house. I believe that his roundhouse kick has also been called 'the Spectre'. You guys have to forgive me for this mass of incoherent text. Just get this 100% cotton Superman Kids Symbols Oil Wash T-Shirt(made from a high quality 30 single thread count) for your little Superboy-in-training. Features some fancy symbols and some faded images. I'm mildly jealous!

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  • Color:Grey-Wash
  • Sleeve Type:Short sleeve
  • Licensor:DC
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The shirt is good (material thiner) but the sizing for juvenile 9-10 is much smaller than other shirst sold on this site for the same age range.