Superman Unchained by Jim Lee T-Shirt



Superman Unchained by Jim Lee T-Shirt


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Jim Lee's design of DC Comics' Man of Steel never looked so good! Judging by the 100% cotton Superman Unchained by Jim Lee T-Shirt, Kal-El spends a good deal of time tearing through space wreckage. I'm thinking maybe he's escorting River Tam to Miranda and he has to get through that Reaper area before any of them notice. Well, at least he can throw General Zod across the hull. Get the Superman Unchained by Jim Lee T-Shirt before we have to start blasting you with subliminal triggers!

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Reviews of Superman Unchained by Jim Lee T-Shirt

5.0 (Based on 2 reviews)
Jeremy M.
London, ON

Great quality. Awesome graphics. Very comfortable too.

Submitted 5 years ago
Rubi,DC Comic books fan

Here comes the man of steel but this time ripping a wall apart so no place where to hide,eh,my dearest foes?Unless someone´s got a piece of Kriptonite nobody on earth has the foggiest possibility in defeating Superman.For what I see he´s flying off the handle so If I were you I would try not to get in his way or you´ll be smashed to bits for sure or burned to crisps in the worst case scenario.Everyman for himself!!He´s back and ready for the fray so........beat it or get this fabulous shirt so that Superman can make up his mind or it will be your end. I already saved my ass once coz I got it in the first place,thank goodness I came up with that whether not......Shall you do the same or will you..(....)..trying it?

Submitted 6 years ago

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