TMNT Turtle Shell Backpack
TMNT Turtle Shell Backpack- Straps View
TMNT Turtle Shell Backpack- Inside View
TMNT Turtle Shell Backpack- Masks
TMNT Turtle Shell BackpackTMNT Turtle Shell Backpack- Straps ViewTMNT Turtle Shell Backpack- Inside ViewTMNT Turtle Shell Backpack- Masks

TMNT Turtle Shell Backpack

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Measuring 18.5" high, about 12.5" across and almost 6" deep (that's before you cram it full of...stuff), this soft, green backpack simulates the shell of any and all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! This soft, puffy backpack for kids is made from 20% PU and 80% Polyester, featuring soft, adjustable shoulder pads, a soft, mesh back and...yeah, it looks a lot like a turtle shell. Open this baby up and we have multiple pockets (some velcro sealing) for multiple things! Yeah, so...it's a soft, green backpack looking like a turtle shell. Yup. Oh, and this TMNT turtle shell backpack comes with four, felt masks, just like the ones worn by each Ninja Turtle! No, pizza is not included. Hardy-freakin-har.

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  • Sku: backtmntshell
  • Color: Green
  • Licensor: TMNT

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Reviews of TMNT Turtle Shell Backpack

submitted 5 years ago

It is wonderful! The masks that came with it are cute and all the pockets in the backpack so much easier to carry items. Definitely recommended to any who loves TMNT.

submitted 6 years ago

Everyone wants one! They ask where did you get it?