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TMNT Big Face Mini Backpack - With Interchangeable MasksTMNT Big Face Mini Backpack - Front ViewTMNT Big Face Mini Backpack - Back View
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This TMNT Big Face Mini Backpack is designed to look like the face of any one of the four beloved turtles of the Teenaged Mutant Ninja variety, and it comes with 4 masks, each in the color of one of the heroes, 'cause everyone knows we don't feel like just one of the Turtles every day. You'll always have your Donatello days, your Michelangelo days, your Raphael days and, of course, your Leonardo days. And now you can choose to show whose colors YOU're feeling thanks to the magic of Velcro!! The mini 11"x9"x3" 100% polyester TMNT backpack has a large main zip-up pocket and a smaller, outer one that you can keep your interchangeable masks in!

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